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Flawless Diva
• 12/7/2014

Starbucks Food


I absolutely love this wikia…but where is the Starbucks food! I love their food, so could yoou add another category? I will contribute most if not all! Also you might want to make another category for pastries, that's your call though! Please consider this XD!


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Flawless Diva
• 12/20/2014

We should definitely add some food to this wiki, it's a giant part of Starbucks culture!

It's fine by me, contribute as many food pages as you want! The category has been created, it's Category:Food. If you'd like a different category i.e Category:Pastries or Category:Desserts, let me know! Thanks for asking me:) We would love your contributions and it would definitely expand and improve the wiki.

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